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ECMM is a professional medical practice owned and operated by Morton W. Barke, M.D. We provide our patients with a safe and thorough medical exam performed by a CA licensed physician to determine whether they can qualify for the use of medical marijuana. Our practice, first established in 2009, has seen over 25,000 patients making ECMM Venice your most trusted evaluation center.

One of the main concerns of a medical marijuana patient is going to a legitimate doctor. Many have been shut down by the medical board, leaving thousands of patients without access to their medicine. Do not be fooled by unlicensed practices, as it has been common for a medical marijuana doctor's office to be owned by a non-doctor who then hires licensed M.D.'s to see the patients. This is not legal. We take pride in having a fully knowledgeable staff, highly compassionate prices, and being 100% legitimate.

We also offer evaluations for emotional support animal registration. An ESA is a pet that has been prescribed to a patient to bring comfort and ease symptoms of psychological disorders, anxiety, and depression. If you’re interested in getting an ESA or would like to bring your comfort pet on airplanes or in a no-pet building, we can help.

Come by our convenient location in Culver City, adjacent to Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey. We can't wait to meet you!