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Below are reviews from just a hand full of our very satisfied patients. If you are a prior patient of ECMM and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


This was a flawless experience, and finally, a reasonable 1st time fee west of Bundy.

Alpha C., Yelp

In and out within 15 minutes without an appointment.

Ming Y., Yelp

Came here today for the first time after being recommended by many people. Great and friendly staff, very nice and cool doctor. Will definitely come again! Thanks.

Larry, Weedmaps

Awesome place, they greeted me when I walked in. Clean & friendly environment . This is the Spot to go! My Renewal was only $35!

David O., Yelp

After reading Yelp and Weedmaps reviews, I was sold. The staff is very knowledgeable, price was firm and I was in and out quickly without an appointment. Thank you guys!

Johnny, Weedmaps

Came with a friend to get her medical card for her back pain. We were in and out in 30 minutes! The staff was really friendly.

Lisa H., Yelp

Highly recommend this location & doctor – they were friendly, easy to work with and reasonably priced compared to other doctors in the area. No need to look elsewhere!

Nate, Weedmaps

I found these guys on yelp and gave them a call. A nice man answered the phone and told me just to come in, so I did. We sat down and filled out the usual paperwork and within 5 minutes I was talking to the Dr. The staff was friendly and informative, the doctor was professional and understanding. I strongly recommend this place to anyone needing a MMJ card.

Brandon B., Yelp

Great and knowledgeable staff. Doctor was nice and worked quickly. Office clean and comfy. I recommend this place!

Carmen Rose, Weedmaps

Very cleanly place with friendly and helpful staff! They made the experience quick and easy. Very helpful in explaining any questions you have as well. Great place to go!

Anna L., Yelp

Walked in yesterday without an appointment and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Great service and I would definitely recommend it.

Justin, Weedmaps

Had a great experience here. The staff is friendly, helpful and very informative; as was the doctor. I made my appointment over the phone but I believe walk-ins are welcome as well. The whole process took about half an hour and the price was right on point. I would recommend ECMM over any of the touristy spots on the actual boardwalk mostly because you are walking into an actual doctors office, as opposed to the back room of some gift shop. Thanks again ECMM! See you in a year.

Kevin B., Yelp

The professionalism of this center was really pleasant and refreshing. The staff is really friendly and helpful while the doctor was great. It was nice for him to actually care about my health and go over the pertinent issues about using cannabis. The whole experience was also very quick ~30 min. A+

Andrew W., Yelp

Excellent customer service. The front desk staff are friendly & helpful. The doctor is kind & caring. $35 for a renewal & it took less than 30 minutes, even without an appointment. I highly recommend ECMM.

Alexis T., Yelp

i went here based on the reviews and couldn’t be happier. Made an appt online, got there on time, and had my recommendation letter in less than 20 mins. I have read reviews on other clinics where the wait time is over an hour. They have street parking but remember to take change, the meter doesn’t take credit card. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

John H., Yelp