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ECMM is not only known for our professional and affordable recommendations. We’re also a valuable resource for information. If you have questions regarding medical marijuana laws, strains, products or cards, or if you would like to inquire about Vitamin B12 or emotional support animals, we’re here to discuss. Our doctors and experienced staff will be happy to assist you.


New Patient FAQ

Everything you need to know before your appointment, we’re answering here. Find out what medical conditions qualify, legal age requirements, exam details, privacy information and more.


What Is A Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical marijuana identification cards allow proof of legal possession or cultivation of cannabis in pure or plant form. We’re here to inform you of what it takes to obtain and renew a card.


Medical Marijuana Strains

There are two species of pure cannabis, however, there are many crossbred strains grown and processed to treat specific ailments based upon their composition and effects on the body.


California Medical Marijuana Laws

The state of California has allowed legal possession and cultivation of medical marijuana since 1996, but the laws continue to change. Learn the history of marijuana in relation to the law here.


Emotional Support Animal Laws

There are several types of certifications given to animals who assist humans. An emotional support animal is prescribed to a patient by a licensed mental health professional for medical treatment.