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Beautiful collage or Collection of four strains of marijuanaIn pure form, the marijuana species you find at dispensaries are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. However, many different strains of these species have been created to intensify specific effects of each of those plants to treat symptoms more effectively. Marijuana strains are named by their growers, so it’s always best to speak with them about treatment to figure out which strain is exactly right for you.

Sativa vs. Indica

C. Indica has higher levels of CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical compound that is currently being developed to treat a range of symptoms in the United States. Because of its composition and higher ratio of CBD to THC, Indica has been known to give more of a stoned, sedated feeling and less of a “high” feeling. The higher ratio of CBD to THC also makes it less likely to cause anxiety in patients because CBD balances the effects of THC in the nervous system. Indica is known to give more of a body high and less of a cerebral high, making it particularly effective in treating pain in the body. C Sativa has a higher level of THC compared with CBD. Sativa is more known for producing a more cerebral high and a great mood, often used for treating depression, or other conditions of the mind.

Common Strains

It’s important to note that these species have been crossbred to bring out the beneficial effects of both to treat specific ailments, so you may not necessarily be more inclined to choose either one in pure form. Strains differ in color, smell, potency, taste, and grade. Here is just a small example of popular strains and what they are known to treat:

White Widow Sativa/Indica Muscle Spasms
Dutch Haze Sativa/Indica Nausea
Purple Kush Indica Joint Pain
Northern Lights Sativa/Indica Insomnia
OG-18 Sativa/Indica Depression
Cinderella 99 Sativa/Indica Cancer

Keep in mind that each cultivator/dispensary will have their own names. Some names are more entertaining than others, but we recommend looking past the names and focusing on the species, ingredients, and intention of treatment. If you have questions about medical marijuana strains, we’d be happy to advise so that you can make an informed decision.